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Sevina Floridou

I needed an alternative to plastic bottles especially in this hot climate when I have to drive out of town. The bottles are great, they keep the water cool and fresh at all times. They look great and trendy too! It has become my staple Christmas/Birthday/any day present to friends and family!!

Doros Zesimos

It is healthier not to use plastic bottles as well as environmental friendly. I use it every day I give it as a present for birthdays and special occasions Its very easy to take care of and I am very happy.

Sue Smith

I was concerned about using too many plastic bottles as they are so bad for the enviroment. The bottles I purchased from Rainbow Products Cyprus fit well in the fridge so that you can have cool water. Much better for the enviroment as the bottles are reusable over and over again. You can use a chilled wine cooler cover to keep the water cool and this works well. The colours

Sarah Darker

I bought the Stainless Steel Bottle from Rainbow Products Cyprus, because it is far healthier than drinking from plastic bottles. Overall it is a very good product and I have recommended them to my friends who have bought them too.

Rosemary Barnes

We bought the product because we wanted stainless steel bottles for health and hygiene reasons. We are very happy with the bottles. They are easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. Stainless steel is a must-have! They are a good size that holds a sufficient amount. The bottles are excellent and I would and have highly recommended them to other people.

Evi Holroyd

WHY DID YOU BUY THE PRODUCT? Elizabeth persuaded me that it’s healthier than using plastic bottles which I used to do….. I’m very happy with my bottle. In fact I no longer use plastic bottles only stainless steel ones. I would definitely recommend them to others. More people should use an environmentally friendly drinking bottle so we cut down our plastic consumption and littering! It’s good for your pocket not

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