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Bamboo Spoons

Beautiful Smooth Natural Bamboo Spoons.

Chilly Stones

In the summer, to keep your drinks cold, you have to add ice. When it melts though, you lose all the lovely flavour. If you enjoy spirits like whiskey, you may want them chilled, but then again by adding ice, you dilute the flavour. We have the perfect solution for you: Chilly Stones!

Insulating Cozy Covers

Custom made 4mm Neoprene Bottle Covers for the three size single walled bottles. Available in Seven Rainbow Colours with carrying handle on top. We can print your business or sports team logo on it upon request for FREE!

Lunch Bag made from Bamboo

You can’t get any “greener” than this fabulous lunch bag! Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth: a 60 foot cut takes only 59 days to re-grow and regenerates without replanting. And it thrives without herbicides and pesticides! This will also be the strongest lunch bag you will own… bamboo has a tensile strength comparable to steel. Light as a feather. Strong as steel. Soft as silk. Fits 2-3

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